A Tale of Two Executives

Five years ago, two very similar men, Mike and Bob,

started working as mid-level executives for the same company.

Both men were very similar in every way.

Both had graduated near the top of their class in college.

Both were smart, talented, motivated, personable, and hard-working.

Both were able to motivate their teams.

Both knew their business inside and out.

In every way, Mike and Bob both seemed on the fast track to success.

Five years later, both Mike and Bob were still working for the same company.

But there was one big difference…

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Choose the Relationship!

“In every relationship you have a choice, you can be right or you can be happy.”

What is this obsession we have with being “right”?

What is every argument about?  Proving that the other is wrong and that I’m… (right)

Clue:  When you are happy with yourself you do not have to be right as much.

Is Your Future in the Past?

“You become one parent and marry the other one.”

I really fought this one for a while and, with deeper self reflection, I saw how it fit.

Try all these on and only wear the ones that fit.

(Hint:  I kept getting the same woman in a different dress.  Are you getting the same man in a different suit?)

If I could reduce the sum and substance of what my mom and dad were after in this life,

I would say that dad wanted respect and mom to be valued.

Conclusion/Working Theory:  Is it any wonder that my life work is to help people regain lose self respect and create more value in their lives?!

We Train People How to Treat Us

Then we are so surprised when they act the way we trained them?!

Take me for example.  I learned early on in life that a successful survival strategy was to please my parents.

So later in life I continued to be a people pleaser and trained people that I would be there for them and that was our un-written, un-spoken un-wholesome contract.

Then when something big did happen to me and I needed help, they were not there or not there in the way I “expected them to be.”

Result:  I moved on to train the next person not to be there for me.

Question:  How are you training others to be or not be with you?

Insight:  Retraining them is a “B____” and quite necessary for you and them.

Is Life Trying to Tell Me Something?



The Point Blank Truths that follow in coming days are meant to be impactful Messages about Life from Life.

Allow them to dent your defensive shield, relax into them, and discern the gift that Life wants to bring to you right here, right now.

(Note of caution:  I am often wrong so take the best and leave the rest.)

Live Fully and Connect,


Ready for the first of many?

Every aspect of your life, every impact you feel is Life 

intending to awaken you to be your highest and noblest self.

Your Biggest Challenge & Opportunity

And you may not know it!

Were you taught as a youngster about “how to think” and “how to be able to change your thinking at will”?

You were not?  Me neither.

If you are not choosing what to think, who is running the show?  I suggest that you are not.

You are sleepwalking yourself through your day/life.  And you are not being the best that you can be because of old, outmoded, unexamined programming.

Do you want your whole life, or a watered-down version?  Your choice.  Or is it?

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Guerrilla Goodness

What if? Just for today …

We all lovingly and intentionally connected with another being today, just for a moment?

A friend, a family member or even a stranger?

Do you remember the movement years ago called Guerrilla Goodness, where people empowered themselves to go around committing

Random Acts of Kindness and Senseless Acts of Beauty? 

Well, let’s add…

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The Language of Stress

Screaming or Beaming?

You make me Angry!  You make me Happy! 

You make me Sad!

We hear these statements regularly in our everyday conversations.  This type of sentence structure is built into the fabric of our culture and belief systems.  It’s in the lyrics of every Country Western song.

Big Life Question: If these powerful phrases are true, then who is in control of your emotions and your inner life?

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