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A Tale of Two Executives

Five years ago, two very similar men, Mike and Bob,

started working as mid-level executives for the same company.

Both men were very similar in every way.

Both had graduated near the top of their class in college.

Both were smart, talented, motivated, personable, and hard-working.

Both were able to motivate their teams.

Both knew their business inside and out.

In every way, Mike and Bob both seemed on the fast track to success.

Five years later, both Mike and Bob were still working for the same company.

But there was one big difference…

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Choose the Relationship!

“In every relationship you have a choice, you can be right or you can be happy.”

What is this obsession we have with being “right”?

What is every argument about?  Proving that the other is wrong and that I’m… (right)

Clue:  When you are happy with yourself you do not have to be right as much.

Is Your Future in the Past?

“You become one parent and marry the other one.”

I really fought this one for a while and, with deeper self reflection, I saw how it fit.

Try all these on and only wear the ones that fit.

(Hint:  I kept getting the same woman in a different dress.  Are you getting the same man in a different suit?)

If I could reduce the sum and substance of what my mom and dad were after in this life,

I would say that dad wanted respect and mom to be valued.

Conclusion/Working Theory:  Is it any wonder that my life work is to help people regain lose self respect and create more value in their lives?!

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